Peep show

Posted by on Jul 13, 2016 in Music

Yet the seventh Djerro track on Youtube. This one is called ‘Peep show” and was published on Wednesday 29th of June. 2016.

About Peep show

Smashing electronic break beat!

Check out the daring video complimenting the tune and let the music give you the boost you are looking for. Some will find it attractive, stunning, strange, hot, shocking and some will even be disgusted by it. Got curious? Go through the experience yourself and hopefully you will enjoy peep show! Feel free to express your feelings whatever they are.

About SEO

You probably don’t give a shit about seo. Or maybe you do. You should. But that is another discussion. The thing is I want a green dot. And to get that I need more words. So here they are. More words in this incredible article about Peep show and now also a little about seo. I need a total of 300 words. Man man man that are a lot of words. More words for me to type and for you to forget. As if you are still reading. Lol really? Thank you, I must say. For reading all these words. Thank you very much!

About 300 words

Words in this heather is word 198. So now still around 100 words to go. If you think my English is bad, that is because I am not a native English speaker. But I think you understand me alright. If that’s not the case. Why are you still reading? We are almost finished. Got the green dot now, but now I want to get to the 300 words.

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Ok. So 251 words plus these words should do the trick. And yes, made it. thank you for reading! Respect!

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