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Sixth sense? No. sixth track, YES! Boom boom boom feet on the ground! Up and down, left and right. This outstanding track is called ‘Security’. On May 28th there was a video shoot in Leiden. Visual candy for the critical mind. Will it be a blockbuster? Who knows! And remember: It’s not about the results! It is al about the experience.

About Security

It is no secret. This is oldschool! ¬†This is what was playing on a blurry Sunday morning in Belgium afterclubs. Afterclubs like Carat in the old days. Flippin pancakes and cleaning windows, or was it just dancing. It was a state of mind you reach after 3 days no sleep. Also legendary where the Boccaccio Sundays! Seeing the schoolgirls come in and drop their school bags at the wardrobe on a sweaty¬†Monday afternoon. Yes those were the days…

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