Who is?

Who is Djerro? That is the question. Djerro is a music producer/dj pioneer. He is what you call a slashy.

In the beginning of house music, Djerro was part of the party scene. The time that house music was just house music.  This was around 1989.  Djerro was spinning records and making tunes during those years. It was pre-internet times. So no social media, so it was hard to promote yourself.  Djerro didn’t become the next Armin van Buuren. Djerro got older and somehow got other priorities. Years pass by. Then an Ipad with Garageband reached out for him. He started making tracks. And is having fun, creating stuff again. Because in the end, what is there to beat creating new things?

So thats what Djerro is all about. Doing stuff that makes him smile! Making stuff that makes you smile!